Trachea transplants and awful articulation: doing the BMJ podcast

Last week my colleague Sally Carter and I had a go at doing the news roundup for the BMJ podcast.

First, Sally spoke about the passing of the health reform bill in the US and all the BMJ‘s coverage of the legislation itself and the bill’s rocky passage. Then I covered a remarkable news story about a British boy who received fledgling trachea transplant built with his own stem cells that then grew into a fully functioning organ within his body.

I’ve always had trouble with public speaking and being articulate during presentations, so I was very nervous about doing my first podcast.  Despite our countless rehearsals, Sally and I both found it quite hard to simultaneously speak fluently and get all the facts into our segments.  The experience was a lot of fun though and I think the finished product turned out OK.  Have a listen and let me know what you think.

BMJ Podcast 26 March 2010: Variolae Vaccina

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