Every-body loves anatomy

I thought it was finally about time I wrote a post about the fantastic Street Anatomy blog.  Billing itself as ‘obsessively covering the use of human anatomy in medicine, art and design’, the site highlights tons of interesting uses of human anatomy in everything from fashion to advertising.

Although a lot of the art the blog features is amazing – photography, jewelery and album covers to name a few examples – I’m most intrigued by all the wacky products they pick out, the perfect present for any medically minded friend!

Med student cousin sweating about an anatomy exam?  Give him a sneaky solution by getting him the answers on a t-shirt!


Girlfriend stamped all over your heart? You can do the same to her, albeit a bit more literally, with these trainers.


Does your little sister want to be a doctor when she grows up? A anatomical My Little Pony will give her a headstart!


If it’s my birthday you’re shopping for though, I want some anatomical bed sheets.  Or one of these please.


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