“Fame? I want to be a scientist!”

diversityNot my words, but those of the choreographer for Britain’s Got Talent winners Diversity.

If you’ve been in the UK at all in the past month you can’t help but have read about the Britain’s Got Talent TV show.  In this nationwide talent contest, people from all walks of life with talents ranging from the bizarre to the extraordinary do their best to impress the cynical judges in a bid to win £100,000 and the chance to perform their act for Prince Charles at the Royal Variety Show.

Eleven-piece street dance troupe Diversity trumped the tabloid punchbag ‘hairy angel’ Susan Boyle, but group choreographer Ashley Banjo isn’t going to let fame go to his head.

Banjo wants to make time to study for his masters degree in physics and biology, he told the Daily Mail, as the career prospects for a scientist seem better to him than those of a nationally famous dancer.

“I’m not going to be spinning on my head when I’m 50, but as a qualified scientist I can always earn a living”, he told a press conference today.

What would you prefer, a UK tour or a career in science?  Given the limited success of previous Britain’s Got Talent winners, Ashley Banjo is probably making a smart choice…

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