Coming soon to a pharmacy near you – HELENITOL!

Pharmaceutical company drug adverts can be so cheesy or so bizarre, hence they lend themselves very well to spoofs and satire.

In the wake of the hilarious online drug name generators (Drug-O-Matic, The Prescription Drug Name Generator and The New Drug Generator to name a few), a website to generate an advert for your own imaginary drug has now been launched by CEDRA Clinical Research.

Here’s my effort:This is actually a lot of fun: you get to pick various comedy symptoms, for example “smelly feet” or “cooking deficiencies”, add a few adjectives and exclamations and hey presto, your miracle drug! The website for this enterprise – – is pretty slick too, although I can’t say any of this marketing effort makes me want to sign up for clinical trials!

(Scienceroll actually beat me to this…)

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